Issue 5: Overgrounded


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Cover article

Overgrounded: How London's Dream of Rail Devolution Died

By Pedantic of Purley and John Bull

ere are those who believe that London’s local rail services would be better managed by TfL. For most of 2016 all the signs seemed to indicate that TfL would be invited to do just that. So what went wrong?

Timed exclusives

The Importance of Being Earnest: Making the Case for Crossrail 2

By Nicole Badstuber and John Bull

Crossrail 2 has the potential to be one of London – if not the UK’s – most transformational transport projects in a generation. But as Managing Director Michèle Dix makes clear, getting it off the drawing board means being open and honest about what can, and should,be done.

Why Burning Platforms Are a Great Place To Stand

By Nicole Badstuber

We talk to former Deputy Mayor for Transport Isabel Dedring about the challenges of driving transport policy from city hall and about the importance of pragmatic transport politics.

Where Are Our Young, Foreign Females Going?

By Heather Steele

If you sampled 905 workers from the rail industry, it is likely only one would be a female executive. Yet the UK has long had a tradition of attracting female transport students from aboard. Where are they going?

The TBM Hitchhiker's Guide to Tunnel Engineering

By Laurie Winkless

To those in the industry, tunnels are far from boring. In this exclusive extract from her book, Science in the City, Laurie Winkless provides an introductory guide to tunnelling for those less in the know.

Best of the rest

It’s Good To Talk

By Karen O’Neill & John Bull

From telegraphs to telephones, cables to Connect, over its 150-year history the London Underground has remained at the forefront of communications technology. We look at the journey from a single telegram line to an integrated radio system that connects over 12,000 people making upwards of 11 million calls a year, and ask what happens next.

Don't Fear the Beeper: Bus Hopper Tickets and the Future of Oyster

By Nicole Badstuber

Implementing a one-hour bus ticket was a core part of London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s manifesto. We talk to Transport for London’s Director of Technology and Customer Experience, Shashi Verma, about the challenges of tweaking Oyster.

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