Issue 3: Peace On Our Line?


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Cover article

Peace On Our Line: Devolving London's Railways

By John Bull

Despite what the papers said, TfL were not given London’s railways to manage this month. But for the first time there is perhaps agreement that this might be the way forward.

Timed exclusives

The Politics of Doing, Not Being

By John Bull

In the first of our discussions with London’s key mayoral candidates, we talk with Liberal Democrat Caroline Pidgeon about transport challenges past and present, and why understanding and making pragmatic and practical changes is as important as making big promises.

The Politics Of Integration

By John Bull

In the second of our mayoral candidate interviews, we sit down with Green Party candidate Sian Berry and talk about integrated transport, tackling air pollution and challenging transport tradition.

Best of the rest

Extending The Bakerloo: It's Not About Transport

By Pedantic of Purley

For almost a hundred years people have talked about extending the Bakerloo line. The latest consultation report on doing this has now been published. We look at its conclusions, and explain why it’s about housing, not transport – something that may well mean it actually succeeds.

King Of The Underworld

By John Bull

In 1825 one man set out to do the impossible - construct the first ever tunnel beneath the tidal river ames. is is the story of Marc Brunel’s sixteen-year quest to make engineering history and change the world of subterranean construction as we know it.

Accident and Islands: A History Of St Johns Station (Part 1)

By Pedantic of Purley

Some railway stations are more worthy of a visit for their own sake than others. Perhaps surprisingly, St Johns in south London is one of them. We explore the accidents and amendments that have littered the station's history.

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