Issue 4: Feeding the Monster (Digital only)


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Cover article

Crossrail: Feeding the Monster

By John Bull

We talk to Crossrail’s Chief Engineer Chris Binns about Thameslink, Crossrail and the engineering challenges behind two of the UK’s biggest rail projects.

Timed exclusives

Why We Alight

By John Bull

Network Rail Chairman Sir Peter Hendy speaks about the organisation’s role as the guardian of Britain’s railway infrastructure, and why he believes they are uniquely placed to tell the story of Britain’s railways.

Innovation: The Lazy Man's Consolation

By Colin Flack

Rail Alliance CEO Colin Flack talks about the concept of innovation, and asks whether it is really what the rail supply chain needs.

The Secret History of a Kritical Klamp

By John Bull (Sponsored feature)

The humble Kee Klamp is one of the great industrial inventions of the 20th century, playing a part in the lives of millions of people throughout London and the world every day. Kee Systems talk about its invention, its role in WW2 and their own 70-year history.

Best of the rest

Not Quite World Class Capacity

By Pedantic of Purley

Improving capacity on the Northern and Jubilee lines is critical to the London Underground's continued success. We look at TfL's current infrastructure plans for these lines.

Tragedy and Turnaround: A History of St Johns Station Part 2

By Pedantic of Purley

In part two of our series, we look at the station since World War II - a period that has seen both tragedy and revival as an unexpectedly important piece of London's rail network.

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